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Streaming Content


Story ARC will be focused on streaming and recording interviews with Americans from all across the country to tell the stories of their lives, their accomplishments, and their desires. 

One of the first shows the company will be producing is a personal essay stylized live streamed interview show based off the transformation of information and wisdom through interviews across generations. The show called, 'The Elders,' has already had its first episode live on the facebook, twitch, and youtube and remains on the youtube page.


In addition, the company founder will be interviewing current residents and expatiates of his hometown of Columbus, MS and writing about them for the local independently owned, Commercial Dispatch.  



New Media 

Reconstruction Media

Story ARC will be investing with others to start a new media company with the working name Reconstruction Media. The company will be focused on using new media technologies to build more community and family engagement and connectivity through stories. 

The company will be looking to invest and develop new media talent so to create content for for new media technology in order to maintain high standards within an independent media landscape

Lastly, the company will invest in developing new shows involving arts and helping develop the talent in traditional arts within the new media environment. 

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